The MANLOC Group Was Formed

In the early 2002, NNPC decided to start a long drive to sensitize the Nigerian Industry about its intention to create a Local Content Policy for the Oil & Gas industry. MAN was one of the first organisations to be contacted. Just after the signing of the act in 2010, a few members of MAN who were considered to be Local Content Manufacturers, were invited to the Inauguration ceremony held in Abuja with respect to the Act.

Following that ceremony, MAN in its strong support of the Act, informed the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring  Board (NCDMB) on 12 July 2010 by a letter signed by the Director General of MAN, Mr. Jide Mike that the MANLOC Group has been formed. The MANLOC Group encompasses the interests of all Manufacturers and Fabricators with respect to Local Content in the Oil & Gas industry. MANLOC is a member of the Nigerian Content Consultative Forum (NCCF) which acts as the advisory board to NCDMB.

MANLOC Group, since then has been very active in trying to promote and support Local Content issues. Its membership is growing and includes most companies that have been involved as manufacturers to the Oil & Gas Industry.


"to set a platform for manufacturers to promote the ideals of the Federal Government of Nigeria initiative towards local content (Nigerian Content Bill) and its further development into a national policy for the entire country whilst ensuring compliance to requisite standards."

Challenges Facing Local Manufacturers

¢Technology transfer, capacity building, slow closure of technical capability gaps.
¢State of supporting infrastructure (power, transport.)
¢Cost & financial challenges i.e. import duty regimes, financial services costs and interest rates.
¢Continuity in guaranteed oil & gas contracting cycles that can support the local content investments made by manufacturing/fabrication firms.


What The MANLOC Group Offers The Oil & Gas Industry

§Certify who is a Local Content Manufacturer based on laid down guidelines: MANLOC Group will issue each manufacturing company a certificate of being a local content manufacturer. To become a MAN member you have to be a certified Nigerian manufacturer.
§Recommend members to International Oil Company’s (IOC’s) and EPC’s utilizing members database.
§Act as an advisory board to new members on what to do to get accepted in the Oil & Gas industry.
§Carry out surveys and statistics to support issues enhancing local content manufacture.
MAN, due to its size and importance, can advise foreign companies intending to set up manufacturing outfit in Nigeria what is required to be a local content manufacturer.



§MANLOC acts as a matchmaker between foreign companies and Nigerian manufacturers.
§Becomes a clearing house of ideas and recommendations on how to push and improve local content in Nigeria. This will be amongst its members in areas such as lowering of costs of production, human resource training, infrastructural development etc.
§Mediate in issues of breach of Local Content policy amongst its members.
§Enhance and promote local content amongst its members.
§Liaise with SON and NSE etc to set quality standards to promote local content.
Offer suggestions to NCDMB through NCCF on how manufacturers can become more competitive.



§Promote and advertise local content in conjunction with NCDMB.
§Report Local content breaches to NCDMB that have affected or will affect our members.
§Enforce the need to promote support of Local Content as a group rather on an individual basis.
§Liaise with all other NCCF association members to advance Local Content.
§To ensure international competitiveness of Local Manufacturers through support of conducive fiscal and monetary Government policies

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